If you’re too lazy to click the audio link above to hear Felger’s story basically Jimmy Hayes was out on Nantucket, having some pops, and saw Felger out as well. Hayes bought Felger a beer and then let him know he didn’t appreciate his season long antics. And then it was over.

That’s how you do it folks. Bravo to Jimmy Hayes.

It was a pretty refreshing soundbite from Felger today with all the crying going on around the Red Sox organization lately regarding David Price being douchey to Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley.

Jimmy Hayes had a lot of reasons to confront Felger. And everyone in Boston had a lot of reasons to be disappointed in the results Jimmy Hayes provided. He was not good. But Felger throttled Jimmy at times beyond what most consider is the norm for a guy having a bad season.

Felgie often likes to reach a little beyond the sidelines or glass, be it for ratings or shock value, when it comes to ripping under performing players. He doesn’t need to do it, but he does. And when a guy is as likable off the ice as Jimmy Hayes is then maybe you don’t need to pour on the guy beyond an objective look at his performance on the ice.

So next time when you hear about another MLB-er upset over scrutiny for hitting the 15-day DL due to complications from a sneeze, or when David Price inevitably has another meltdown on the media, know that there are pros out there who’ve been unrelentingly crucified worse in the media for their job that aren’t Charmin Soft quarter billionaires. Some of them are just good dudes “from Dorchester” that have no problem facing their harshest critics honestly, over a beer, like a real pro.

Good on Jimmy for doing so.

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