No surprise here from the Ryan Spooner contract negotiations. Spoons is throwing a Connor McGregor knockout hail Mary and the Bruins are countering with a Mayweather bob and weave. Something is going to have to give.

Spooner has been operating on a very team friendly $950,000 deal while having to be fairly flexible in the lineup. He’s bounced around from an awkward wing, back to his natural center, to having some nice power play numbers in the process as well. But he’s also spent some significant time in the B’s dog house.

Both Claude Julien and new coach Bruce Cassidy had concerns with Spooner’s efforts and performances and made him a healthy scratch at times last season. Cassidy even did so in the midst of a tight opening round playoff series against Ottawa back in April. Not exactly a shining vote of confidence from Brucey.

But Spooner is doing exactly what he should be doing right now and that’s aiming high heading into arbitration. All the arbitrator has to do is find some comparable contract that aligns with similar production Spoons has put up and he can cash in. And that seems more possible than not. He doesn’t need to get on the witness stand and testify in court to defend himself like Jack Nicholson did as Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men. It’s simply a numbers game now.

Either way this whole situation kind of sucks. Don Sweeney can’t seal a fair deal and the relationship between the organization and Spoons is probably a bit frosty. We’ll likely end up seeing Spooner awarded a $3.2 million deal and people will lose their minds over it. But there are certainly some comparables out there pushing the price in that direction, or higher.

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