Damn. The Bruins dodged a bullet there didn’t they? Thank God.

As I wrote on Monday I felt Spooner would land at least a $3.2 million deal in arbitration. Despite his routine visits to the B’s dog house arbitration is purely a numbers game. It just seemed like there would be some comparable deal out there that would pull Spooner closer to his $3.8 million asking price than the $2 million offer from the Bruins.

But it appears the two sides got together and got it right. It’s a fair deal for both Spoons and the B’s. There’s plenty of room for motivation for Spooner to get an even bigger contract next summer as well. He’s certainly in need of a rebound season after his 49-point 2015-16 campaign made him a fantastic bargain at $950,000 before he dipped last season.

Now the next (same) question running through people’s minds and Twitter feeds will be are the Bruins going to trade Spoons? I would say everyone should relax.

Yes, he now has a very tradable new deal. Yes, JFK is now in the fold and breathing down his neck. Yes, he’s a good chip in a deal for a left shot D man. But I think we’re all going to have to give it time. Spooner is still capable of doing work even though I’d rather an upgrade on D doing work. And even if the B’s have internally felt it’s time for a change they could sit tight through this fall to see if he’s producing enough at both ends of the ice to be worthy being part of the big picture if no other team is biting right now.

Regardless, ol’ J.J. just saved a few Benjamin’s on Spoons paychecks that he can now put into new stable upgrades for his ponies.

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