Okay, so let me start this off very slowly and very calmly…

What the fuck is going on?

An organization that will happily throw $6 million per year at 30-plus year olds on the back nine of their careers the second free agency opens can’t figure out how to pay one of their own a deserving amount?

I mean, take a look at this shit:So what are we doing here? Why is this negotiation so difficult?

Pastrnak, who the B’s were lucky was still available to draft at 25th overall in 2014, is likely going to be a perennial 30-goal scorer and he’s only 21 goddamn years old right now. The Bruins don’t need to go all Chiarelli and overspend, but a 7×7 deal is clearly the starting point. Not the 6×6 deal I would guess Don Sweeney is probably being told to offer.

And I’m not going to entertain the bridge deal argument. Because when Pasta goes out and gets another 30 G’s this season the next time his negotiation would come around to the table they’d have to start the talk at $9 million per just to get in the same building together.

The reason I feel ol’ Sweeney probably has a gun to his head is because the only thing that could make this whole negotiation as awkward as it has become is if Jeremy Jacobs greedy little fingers won’t open up his wallet for one of these recent “lockout proof”, or “buyout proof”, type deals we’ve been seeing. They’re essentially lower base salaried contracts packaged with very large bonus checks in the deal. Big fat guaranteed checks that can’t be bought out. I can’t see “Mr. Lockout” Jacobs standing for that. But I can see him making that Don Sweeney’s problem to deal with though.

What makes this seem so obvious is that since the beginning of the salary cap era NHL the Bruins have not been cheap overall. They’ve routinely spent right up to the cap. Almost to a fault at times. And even though they may have overspent, or structured some deals unwisely, (Peverley, Kelly, Smith, Backes, Beleskey, Iginla, etc. ), they haven’t been afraid to spend.

So why now? Why is it now that compensating a young deserving stud is so difficult? Only the man signing the checks knows. The man who we can expect will absolutely be leading the owners charge come lockout time.

I’m getting the feeling this may drag on right up until opening night, or even after. And if I’m Pasta I’m fine with that. Fuck it. The market is there for him and he’s not the one looking silly right now. Both sides may want the moon but it’s the Bruins recent contract pedigree that makes them look the silliest.

The Bruins have to decide whether they’re about routinely, and happily, overpaying for “grit”, depth, and the dinosaur style era of NHL player, or are they about paying the right value for a young, high end, modern day NHL talent. And with only three weeks until that opening night they better figure that out soon.

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