(Source: AL news.com)SEATTLE (AP) — A proposal to remodel KeyArena now has an ambitious timeline that could have it ready to house a professional franchise within three years.

KeyArena housed the NBA’s SuperSonics until they relocated to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder. Oak View Group believes it can have the building ready by October 2020 if environmental approvals are obtained and demolition can start in October 2018.

The timeframe is sure to attract attention, including from the NHL. OVG has not hidden its intentions to be aggressive in an attempt to obtain an NHL expansion franchise soon after the arena agreement is finalized. Likewise, the NHL has not hidden its interest in Seattle.

This is your chance, Whalers. This is your chance to rise from the dead. Those blue and green colors you once proudly wore will fit perfectly alongside the similarly clad Seahawks and whatever that soccer team thingy is they have skipping around on the field there.

This would be a dream come true for me. My old man would take me to Whalers games back when I was a kid because you could catch an NHL game for about a nickel. So even though I wasn’t a true Hartford fan the nostalgia is there for me. I NEED the Seattle Whalers to be a real thing. And the NHL needs a 16th western conference team to balance out the league.

Unfortunately in today’s society I don’t think anyone would approve of a “whaling” themed team. But it’d be perfect when you consider their geographical rival to the north, the Vancouver Canucks, sport an orca whale on some of their gear.

For what its worth, I created the Seattle Whalers in NHL 18 franchise mode last night just to see if it could work, and it does. Seattle was a great fit for the Whale. I drafted a solid expansion team, even signed Jagr, and the uni’s I created were fantastic. The video game fans seem really seem excited to see me play after my daughter goes to bed tonight.

I basically proved it’s not only viable for the NHL to set up shop there but also bring back the Whale at the same time. What more evidence do you need? Let’s get it done.

P.S.: You’re welcome.

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