Over at ESPN.com Emily Kaplan had a pretty cool article today on what players would have on their agenda if they were NHL commissioner for a day.

Out of the 30 players polled 7 said they’d send NHLers to the Olympics. Of those seven were likely would-be participants like Jamie Benn, Erik Karlsson, and Kevin Shattenkirk.

A few players, Connor McDavid, Roman Josi, and Tuukka Rask, all said they’d bring back the two-line pass. Tuukka is probably mildly influenced by watching his D get torched by countless stretch passes the past three seasons.

My favorite responses were Johnny Gaudreau saying he’d have 3-on-3 overtime go until some one scores. Jack Eichel said he’d get rid of offsides altogether (something I’ve advocated for years myself). Shayne Gostisbehere wants the long change to be in two periods, not just the second, to help create more offense. And Taylor Hall said he’d remove the three-point games, saying “Oh, so-and-so is .500.’ But they’re really not. They’re 13-13-6, but they’re really 13-19. I think it would make a big difference.” He’s correct.

The lone surprising one was from tendy Martin Jones. He would make it so you can’t leave your feet to block a shot to help create more offense. Didn’t think a goalie would lean that way. But goalies are nuts.

If I were commissioner for a day I’d likely be the best one they ever had. I’d eliminate the instigator rule. I’d eliminate the puck over the glass delay of game penalty. I’d eliminate the trapezoid. I’d make off and onside be a “breaking the plane” thing, like scoring a touchdown in football, that eliminates having to drag a foot or the puck having to completely cross the blue to be in. I’d shrink goalie gear and their jerseys back to the 80’s. I’d implement three-point regulation wins. And this would all done before a 64oz. liquid lunch.

Feel free to call me, NHL. Your players are onto something. Let me help you. I’m available for cheap.

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