What a morning! What a day! Tomorrow David Pastrnak will be on a plane, flying first-class, heading to cash some monster checks in the good ol’ U.S.A. And we all benefit from it. What a fantastic day all around, indeed.

Big hats off to Don Sweeney here. HUGE. Most figured after Chiarelli went all Chiarelli on Draisaitl that the Bruins were screwed. Turns out lunacy isn’t contagious. The true comparable contract the sides were using was the Filip Forsberg extension in Nashville last season. And the fact that the B’s initial offer was believed to be a six-year, $36 million pitch, shows Sweeney flat out nailed this one.

He has now locked up Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak for incredibly team friendly deals, while at the same time making the boys stupid rich.

I can’t help but think by last night Pastrnak had about enough of this process and told his agent to get this puppy out of second gear and up to speed. There was obviously more conceding on their end than the B’s but in the end it’s still a great pay day.

Lastly, it pains me to say this but the other NHL owners must be loving Jeremy Jacobs right now. The cheapest owner on the planet saved the league from validating an RFA spending trend Chiarelli nearly set by giving Draisaitl an absurd deal. That could have been a disastrous precedent to carry forward. Instead, Chiarelli maintains his own island in crazy land and Jacobs maintains his margin on $16 Bud Lights.

So welcome back to Boston, Pasta! Let’s get this season going!

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