If you haven’t been reading Boston Pucks the past few years and were wondering how some of the new kids on Causeway would do in their official NHL debut Thursday night you got a definitive answer:

Seven Bruins players had points. Five of them are 21 years old or younger.

They were awesome. We knew this would happen. We’ve spent the nights in the college rinks to track these guys live. Hell, we’ve even hit the CHL live to take these prospects in. We’ve written countless blogs on them as they were trending toward legit NHLers. And we’ve told you this was coming.

So to see the blazing speed, mature beyond their years vision, and a pace forcing opponents into tougher decisions and situations, wasn’t a surprise. It was expected from these kids and they delivered. It’s a breath of Bruins fresh air.

The B’s, with their youth, ended up skating away with a 4-3 victory over the horrendously outfitted Nashville Predators. The Preds jerseys are so bad I refuse to even put them in this blog. Google at your own risk.

Here are some of our BostonPucks.com notes from the game:

  • Hard to believe Anders Bjork was a 5th round draft pick. He has turned into a massive get for the B’s. Last night he was every bit the top-6 talent he showed to be in training camp. Bjork grabbed himself a nice assist, logged over two minutes of power play time, and made things happen everywhere with his smarts and pace of his play. He is the mold of the modern day high end talent in the NHL and can perfectly play the relentless style Bruce Cassidy wants.
  • Jake DeBrusk notched his first career NHL goal. A nice little NHL 18-esque backhand-forehand shelf job that caught Pekka Rinne going the other way. He also picked up an assist on the night as well. Just another cog in the B’s youth wheel that is making an immediate impact. He had a great night. Here’s a look at his goal:

  • The Predators did not get their first shot on goal until 8:35 left in the first period.
  • David Krejci had three assists to go with a better than 70% faceoff night. He was a beast. He was like a proud father leading his kids around the playground. They may have gotten all the accolades having fun but Krejci was the glue holding a lot of things together. I’m sure some one on Twitter still hated his game though.
  • Charlie McAvoy got his first NHL goal as well. It’s easy to forget that was his first regular season NHL game after watching his impressive arrival against Ottawa in the playoffs back in April. The soon-to-be Bruins blue line anchor also had three minor penalties as well. With the NHL’s new found love of calling ticky tack shit McAvoy found himself knee deep in it. Either way, here’s a clip of his first goal and blown tire cele:

  • Every time I see the Preds Matt Irwin on the ice I can’t help but think of the disastrous half cup of coffee he had with the B’s two seasons ago.
  • David Pastrnak got the first of his 50 goals this season. I kid about him getting 50 this year (or do I?). It was an absolute laser beam on the power play off a slow and easy feed from McAvoy. He coulda had a few more with the amount of off wing one-timers he was getting through. He also had an atrocious turnover with 12 seconds left in the first period that led to a less than timely Preds goal. We’re still going to get some of that from Pasta every now and then as he cleans up his defensive game in time.

  • I’m not going to worry about the Bruins giving up 2 goals in the final minute of the game. They were goalie pulled 6-on-3 and 6-on-4 rarities compounded by Zdeno Chara serving time in the box. Let’s just move on.
  • Brad Marchand got his first of the season, the B’s 4th and final goal, with an empty netter from the parking garage:

  • Our feel good moments of the game go to the McAvoy and DeBrusk families. The parents were in town to watch their kids regular season NHL debut and both scored. So there were some touching waterworks. I can’t imagine what that feels like as a parent. I tear up when my two year old daughter makes something out of Legos so this has to be wild. Try not to get distracted by the stunningly beautiful DeBrusk sister when watching these:

Bruins don’t play again until Monday. It’s a 1pm Columbus Day matinee. We’ll be right here, following, tracking, doing the damn thing.

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