The Canadiens also turned over half of their defense and that’s not even including (Mikhail) Sergachev. Gone are Andrei Markov, Nathan Beaulieu and Alexei Emelin. They have been replaced by Karl Alzner, David Schlemko and Mark Streit. Montreal’s blue line struggled with mobility before and now it might actually be worse. To compound things the Canadiens have not had a number one center in over a decade and they did nothing this off season to solve the problem (hello John Tavares in 2018?). If Carey Price does not play up to his “Best Goalie in the World” billing or gets injured again this team could be in some big trouble. Don’t expect much from the Habs. ” – BostonPucks, back on Sept. 7

I get a kick out of the idea that on a day remembered for discovery in America, Columbus Day, the people of Montreal are starting to discover how shitty their Habs may be.

All you have to do is fire up your Twitter machine and take a trip in your timeline DeLorean to find the hysteria beginning to set in with a whopping SEVENTY-NINE GAMES to go in the season:

If you got through reading those without laughing you have no pulse. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You could sprain your thumb trying to scroll through the comedy treasure chest of Habs tweets.

The people are miserable up in Montreal. They have every reason to be. But they shouldn’t be surprised.

The Sabres peppered Carey Price to the tune of 45 shots as the Habs clung to Thursday’s opening night shootout win like Mustafa hung from the ledge in the Lion King. On Saturday they were emasculated by the Capitals, 6-1. Then Lundqvist and his Rags shut them out Sunday.

It’s been a concoction of a brutal Mark Streit (shocking…), a struggling Jordie Benn, a promising Victor Mete thrown to the wolves like an Oilers lottery pick not named McDavid, and an average-ish Petry and Weber that have hampered this team. Yes, the offense may be ice cold but it all stems from the less than desired D corp. Again, all things even we saw coming over a month ago.

It’s too early to say this is going to be a long season for the Habs. I expect it will be, but there’s plenty of time games-wise to straighten things out. However finding a new blue line won’t be easy and there isn’t a lot of time on the clock to fix that. I’m obviously not Marc Bergevin but if I had his salary on direct deposit I’d start by moving on from Streit pretty soon (waivers?) and bringing up old part-time Bruin, Joe Morrow. At least Joe has some nice wheels and won’t constantly get walked like a hyperactive puppy.

For the time being though, for those of us in Bruins country, let’s just enjoy the show currently airing up north like a Will Farrell movie. Let’s laugh. I mean, every franchise goes through regular quarter-century Stanley Cup droughts where they value the language you speak more than your actual talent you bring to the table. We have to soak this in.

Let’s enjoy the entertainment value of it all.

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