SOURCE: Sporting – “On Monday, former Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay appeared on 98.5 FM radio in Montreal. During his airtime, Tremblay alleged Montreal forward Alex Galchenyuk has twice been to detox for addiction issues.

“I do not know which fly Galchenyuk stung, but in my opinion, first of all, we know he had problems off the ice. It can be mentioned that he has been in two courses of the NHL. One or two, but I think it’s two,” Tremblay said, according to a translation of the French interview via La Presse.”

Serious question… Does Mario Tremblay have a brain malfunction? Does he wake up in the morning and think about what talented hockey player he’s going to try to bury that day? First it was Patrick Roy back in 1995 and now he wants to roll Alex Galchenyuk, a player he doesn’t even coach, under the bus? Keep doing you Montreal.

This is a pretty sickening thing for Tremblay to try to bring to light. We all know people who battle with some sort of addiction or substance issue. We know people who’ve lost that battle. And if this were to be true about Galchenyuk, hell even if it’s not, you absolutely can not come out publicly and so casually reveal this type of information about some one else in the media. It’s bullshit. It’s insanity. And the guy clearly needs his head examined for doing so.

If I’m Alex Galchenyuk I’ve already bypassed my agent and called Habs general manager Marc Bergevin’s office myself and in the spirit of the great Charleston Chiefs goalie Denis Lemieux I’ve told him to “trade me right fucking now”. And then you hang up. Trade me to Siberia if you need to but I’m gone.

Once things take a turn like this in an organization that still leans on it’s dinosaur aged accomplishments like Al Bundy does his 4 touchdown game at Polk High there is zero reason to stay there. Go somewhere you’re wanted and where they look forward not backwards. Like, Nashville maybe?

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