(SOURCE: TSN.ca)With a 2-6-1 record already generating controversy in Montreal, a player agent added some more fuel to the Canadiens’ fire on Thursday.

Dan Milstein, who represents several Russian players in the NHL and KHL, took to Twitter to lay blame on head coach Claude Julien for the team’s diminishing Russian presence and forward Alex Galchenyuk‘s struggles. Galchenyuk, who was born in Milwaukee and has represented the U.S. in world hockey tournaments, has struggled early this season with just two goals in nine games while being been moved up and down the lineup as Julien tries to kick-start an offence ranked 29th in goals scored.

Look, I like to have fun with Montreal. I take my shots when I can. And right now they’re at the bottom of the barrel and I’m running with it like LeGarrette Blount from the one yard line. So when an NHL player agent says a French-Canadian coach can’t successfully coach Russian players, and all you have to do is look at kid from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who’s played for Team USA as proof of that, we have to take notice.

If Milstein’s claim is true then I’d like to see the city of Milwaukee step up here. Be proactive. Get a list of every player in the Milwaukee area that is registered with USA hockey. Find out if each family knows if their child is Russian or not. If the child is not Russian, find out if they know who Claude Julien is. And at least make sure they understand that there is no way their child can or should be coached by him. Ever. We don’t need this becoming an epidemic.

Also, be sure that the child born in Milwaukee has no unproven rumors of substance abuse around him. You will be publicly thrown under the bus for no reason whatsoever should the child make to it the NHL and play for the Canadiens.

It’s tough waters to navigate in Montreal right now. I don’t envy the them. But hey, maybe Milstein is onto something.

You now have to wonder if last season the Bruins actually wanted to trade for the non-Russian (or is he??) Milwaukee born Drew Stafford earlier in the year rather than when they did at the trade deadline. Maybe they waited to pull the trigger because Claude Julien was the coach at the time. It’s not hard to connect the dots. Maybe Bruce Cassidy really is far better at coaching non-Russian Russians from Wisconsin than Claude is and the Bruins knew that. We’re all going to have to keep an eye on this.

Can someone please find out from Pierre Mcguire, without bringing up Chicoutimi or Halifax, who is actually Russian and who isn’t?

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