30MileDevon here with the @BostonPucks “Beer For The Game”. Tonight we have the Las Vegas Golden Knights making their first appearance at the Garden.

The Knights are killing it so far in their inaugural season and doing so without needing James Neal to put his knee to anyone’s head. What makes their winning ways more impressive is that thanks to an injury bug Vegas has been going through goalies like a teenager goes through ProActiv. But it hasn’t slowed them down. Also, former Bruins Reilly Smith and Colin Miller are sitting 2 and 3 respectively in scoring for the new franchise.

With the B’s depth at center as shallow as a kiddie pool and Vegas dressing goaltender five thus far, I’ll need a nice pick-me-up tonight.

So how did I pick tonights #BeerForTheGame? Well, as a season ticket holder I’m a little bitter I can’t make it to tonight. Boston Pucks contributor David Wayne and I had plans to fly to Vegas for the first Bruins road trip there last month but that fell through and now I’m going to miss Vegas again. At least I’ll be able to sit at home and crack a cold one open. So to match my current mood I went with something nice and bitter.

My choice: Heady Topper.

No introduction necessary.

When I lived in Vermont it was nothing to go into Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier and see a Heady in everyone’s hand on a Tuesday. I lived about a half mile from the original tap room and brewery and I used to pass it up all the time. That’s what happens when it’s always available everywhere in town. What a damn shame.

Heady is the OG of IPA’s. Yes, there are better beers out there but you have to give this beer the ol’ Kevin Arnold thumbs up:

If you aren’t familiar with Heady, this beaut has an excellent bitterness to floral transition and is really well balanced. It’s a very welcome break from the straight juice IPA’s that are everywhere now. Don’t get me wrong, I really dig them, but Heady Topper is the OG, and the Alchemist is the patron saint for brewers who want to get a little weird and try a little sumpin-sumpin, so I’ll enjoy this treat with the hope that the B’s can put it past the fifth stringer a few times tonight.

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Cheers friends!

30MileDevon is a BostonPucks contributor on all things beer. He is the owner of @30MileBrewingCo in Connecticut and is a lifelong Bruins fan and season ticket holder.