This bums me out. Yes, it’s the right move to make. Yes, Beleskey has fully earned getting put in this situation by not performing up to his or the organizations expectations. But I like Beleskey. He’s a good dude who has always seemed like he’s invested in becoming better and contributing to the team, even if it was getting into fights. He even seems really invested in the city of Boston. But it just hasn’t worked out since his impressive early start in his first season with the Bruins where he potted a career high 37-point season.

The one positive is if Beleskey clears waivers, which he 100% should, he can then be assigned to Providence and start clean. He can play every night, work on his game, build up his stock again if he finds a spark, and eventually get another job. There is no doubt if Providence is his next landing spot that he will dig in and really try to get back to the next level.

But you have to wonder in the current day NHL, where speed and skill rule at the depth roles, if the game has now progressed beyond Beleskey’s grind and grit first style. At least in the Bruins current situation with a plethora of high end prospects that even a solid Beleskey would still have a hard time finding a slot in the lineup every night.

Whatever happens, I hope in the end Beleskey gets it worked out and can land a regular NHL gig somewhere. He’s a guy worth rooting for.

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