As we all know hockey is the greatest game in all of sport. I remember every Saturday when I was a kid sitting with my dad and brother and turning on CBC to watch Hockey Night in Canada. I did that for the first 18 years of my life (my father confirmed the very first few years of my life were indeed spent doing this).

The other three Boston Pucks contributors and I all played hockey together for a lot of years. And those were some of the best memories of my life. Championships, defeat, awesome road trips, this guy can tell you that you’ll never regret dedicating your time to this great, great game.

The other boys of Boston Pucks led some great college careers in the game too. Myself, well I beat myself up too much and this once sweet, muscular lanky frame was not meant for a long run in the game (my impending hip surgery and weary knees can verify this.) But hey, life goes on. I still love the game the same as I did when I was a hungry kid, and today I’m lucky enough to have season tickets to the Bruins. So I can comfortably say, c’est la vie. I’m also French Canadian so it’s not overly annoying that I use that phrase…

After many career moves, I started up a brewery with one of my best friends. And Boston Pucks contributor David Wayne asked me to use my beer expertise to contribute to Boston Pucks, thus the creation of #BeerForTheGame. Beer and hockey just seem to go hand in hand.

Through all the stresses in life, blogging about beer is quite therapeutic. I get to carefully choose a beer for each game, and share my choice with all of you readers. Fucking jackpot.

I hope you enjoy my choice in beer, or at least take my review of the beer and consider giving it or it’s brewery a chance. There are a lot of good ones out there.

So since I’m almost out of words I’ll just cut to the chase and get to tonight’s #BeerForTheGame.

In the giving spirit of the holidays, tonight I will choose the beer that the first commenter recommends. You all know I love my big and rare beers, but I want to hear from you to let me know about something that maybe I don’t know about. Beer, cider, mead, what do you like? What is your go to? What is you local favorite? Let me know, and I’ll send you one of my own brews.

Hit up @BostonPucks on Twitter and let us know what you are drinking tonight and give me the recommended #BeerForTheGame against the miserable Buffalo Sabres.

The best thing about drinking beer is having a buddy to drink it with, and I’d love to share one with you.

That and the Bruins are 5-1 when I blog beer.

EDIT: We have a winner! Lori (@Bruinsgirl125) recommends Jack Abby Lager:

30MileDevon is a BostonPucks contributor on all things beer. He is the owner of @30MileBrewingCo in Connecticut and is a lifelong Bruins fan and season ticket holder.