(Source: BostonHerald.com) – “An era is coming to an end for the Bruins, who yesterday announced that Rene Rancourt, who has been singing the national anthem before home games for more than 40 years, will retire after this season.

In recent weeks my blogging has slowed down. My wife and I welcomed our second child and first son to our family. I coach high school hockey. I sing and write for a rock band. And we’ve been mid-move and renovation all at the same time. There just hasn’t been enough time to blog. But if one thing could snap me back into it it would be Rene Rancourt announcing he’ll retire after this season.

The gold vest and bow tie, the fist pumps, the stache, the flow, the Christmas carols from the bench, the voice. He really is THE “Garden Legend” he’s introduced as before each of his anthem renditions.

My wife used to chuckle before every game when Rene would walk the carpet out of the zamboni door. Fast forward years later and even she is now bummed this is the end, even if she flat out refused to let me have him come sing at our wedding.

I too am bummed. The 40 years he’s sang the anthem at Bruins games is an amazing run. His flair, his energy, and connection to the fans is like no other. And in a day where every modern singer tries make the anthem about themselves, turning the anthem into their opportunity to make it the longest, most try hard, over sang version they possibily can, Rene always kept it strong and simple. The way it should be.

So here’s to Rene. Thank you for decades of pure joy and entertainment. And to the Bruins players themselves, the pressure is now on. There’s only one thing the B’s have to now do to send Rene off in style, on the biggest stage in June:

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