About damn time. And don’t mean that in a negative way. I’ve been tired of seeing primarily the same two teams alternate winning the Beanpot title every few years. With Harvard winning it last year, and now Northeastern snapping their 30 year championship drought last night, the legendary Beanpot tournament has finally a gained more intrigue and interest.

As for the new 2018 champion Northeastern Huskies, freshman goalie Cayden Primeau put on a show. He stopped a fantastic 74 of 76 shots he faced in the tournament. That also includes a 3-0 shutout victory over Boston College last Monday.

But in remarkable fashion Primeau’s Beanpot performance wasn’t even the best performance by a Northeastern player. NU senior Adam Gaudette was actually the one who grabbed the tournament MVP award. Gaudette put up a hat trick in the championship game against BU, and just like Primeau last Monday, he helped lead the way against BC by putting up a goal and two assists in the first round 3-0 win.

One can only hope the new balanced championship results of the last few Beanpot tournaments is here to stay. It helps renew broader interest in the tournament, it offers an opportunity to capture new fans, and it reignites the rivalries between the schools.

I love that Northeastern won it this year. I don’t want to wait another 30 years to see them win it again. Yet as I happily embrace this much needed change and less predictably from the Beanpot, I do have to chuckle. I can’t help but wonder if Cayden Primeau and Northeastern have now just kick started their own two or three year Beanpot championship run?

If that’s the case, so much for variety. But I’ll still take it. Congrats to all the Huskies out there.

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