I can safely say after watching the Bruins and Penguins play Thursday night that anyone born in 1981, or before, was having acid like hockey flashbacks to the old NHL days of zero defense and pint sized Cooper goalie pads. It was a pure offensive showcase. And unfortunately for the Pens they endured a slaughter. My word, it was an absolute pump show by the B’s.

Here are just a few must have quick tokes from this one:

  • I love David Krejci. And I have always hated the shit delusional Bruins fans have given him. He’s dealt with management continually swapping out and searching for wingers to play with him like the changing of dirty underwear and yet he still plugs along every season. He’s fantastic. So it great to see him come out Thursday night and grab himself a hat trick. Whether it was his hard net driving finish on his first goal, being in the sweet spot on a Nick Holden feed for #2, or a right place, right time finish off a Brian Gionta redirect, Krejci was on fire. He is so fun to watch when he gets running downhill and now he has a winger who can play on his level in Rick Nash.

  • Tuukka Rask has had better games than this one. Early in the first period the Pens net 2 goals on their first 3 shots and would ultimately finish the opening period 3-for-7 on a lot of soft serve thrown Tuukka’s way. Not exactly ideal. Thankfully for the B’s the Penguins Casey DeSmith and Tristan Jarry were just as bad. The C-list Pens goalie duo allowed a combined Abe Lincoln five-spot in the first period as well. At about 8 minutes into this one it honestly felt like both teams would have been better just going six skaters and two empty nets. Tuukka ultimately got going enough to plug the leaks on his end and help the B’s secure a dominant win. This was clearly an isolated goofy game for Rask that he’ll bounce back fine from.
  • David Pastrnak had two goals and an assist for himself on the night.
  • Zdeno Chara continues to defy father time to the point where the TB12 method can’t keep up. In the second period the giant captain logged an absurd 3 minute shift that included killing a penalty and then finished it off by fighting fellow 6’7 defensive heavyweight Jamie Oleksiak, who also just happens to be FIFTEEN years younger than Big Z. It might have been the biggest treat of the night by the B’s ageless warrior.
  • Ho-hum, Rick Nash picked up his second goal as a Bruin. He has looked so good riding shotgun with Krejci and his goal Thursday was a beauty as well. #61 tapped home a back door power play score in the first period off a Torey Krug feed to help get the B’s party started. He also fed a ridiculous backhand dish to Krejci on 46’s first tally of the night too. Nash has quickly turned into the gem of a get for Don Sweeney that we all hoped he’d be.

  • But it was David Backes who can claim to have committed the snipe of the night. A perfectly tucked, high stick side, first period dart that would leave any goalie with PTSD. And it’s one you’re going to want to watch over and over again. Check it out:

  • Sidney Crosby was largely invisible in this one under the shadow of Zdeno Chara’s blanketed defense. Zero points for The Kid on a night where they were handing them out like participation trophies. But, if you turned up your television just a little bit, and really listened closely, you could faintly hear the sound of Sid bitching in the background the entire game.

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