Imagine if that had been Sidney Crosby on the receiving end of that head shot? The league would have shut down for a month.

Today the hockey world is a buzz since word dropped that Brayden Schenn won’t receive any further supplemental discipline for his deliberate head shot on David Krejci. Just like with goalie interference, no one knows what to think anymore.

This is continually becoming the most maddening part of the NHL right now. It doesn’t matter who you root for. There is zero-point-zero consistency of any sort from rulings on ice, to the war room, and league offices. Whether it’s around the crease, with offsides, or high hits, it’s an absolute coin toss as to what goes and what doesn’t.

I realize a few years ago the hit Schenn threw on Krejci last night was a ho-hum moment but guess what? Times have a changed. At least that is what the NHL tries to sell you. On planet earth in the current year 2018 Schenn’s hit is a textbook CTE contributing head shot. I don’t care who is on the receiving end of it. And the NHL, with it’s real lawsuits and studies regarding hits to the head in front of them, let this one slide? It’s an avoidable, unnecessary head shot from a repeat offender. What more do they need? A corpse?

Guessing and wondering if the league truly knows what it is doing is getting tiring. They talk the talk that hits to the head won’t be tolerated. They paint themselves as wanting what’s best for the game. Yet time and time again they get it wrong. In this case they do nothing at all. In the next case it’ll be 6 games.

I love my hockey. I can’t get enough of it. But the NHL fails it’s consumers and employees regularly. It’s getting to the point where it wouldn’t surprise me if the Department of Player Safety ruled John Wilkes Booth didn’t deliver a head shot.

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