I need to get this off my chest because I’m hearing everyone and their brother saying “well, the value of a playoff game is higher, so Kadri will likely get a lesser suspension than in the regular season game.” It’s driving me insane.

That might be the dumbest logic when it comes to punishing someone.

That’s like if saying “if a grown man beats up another man, but does it at his kids birthday party, the punishment by law shouldn’t be as severe as if he did it on a random Tuesday. The value of the day, his kids birthday party, is much higher so it should reduce the penalty for the crime.”

Why should the higher value, or rarer occurrence of, a playoff game be an asset to players who recklessly hit and attempt to injure people when they’re facing discipline? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? If anything shouldn’t the opportunity of playing in the playoffs be a deterrent? Shouldn’t the punishment garner the same, if not more, severity if the playoff game has more value and more is at stake?

If one is are dumb enough to make the hit Kadri did AFTER he kneed Rick Nash, and after he already boarded Tommy Wingels, in a game of bigger value, then the punishment should be just as severe as in a ho-hum regular season game, if not more.

I mean, am I missing something here? Kadri gets to benefit from being dumb when there is more at stake? If he wants to be excessively stupid he can just wait until the playoffs when it really matters so the league won’t go as hard on him? What are you telling your players?

What fucking planet am I on?

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