Game 5 tonight baby! A closeout game. Let’s see what the boys bring to the table.

I wasn’t able to blog a #BeerForTheGame for Game 3 so we can positively say that’s why the B’s lost. I did however draft a beer for Game 4, but I was late and missed the deadline. Merely drafting the blog is obviously why the B’s won.

And since I missed that Game 4 deadline I’ll be putting in two beers tonight: my Game 4 and Game 5 beers. Think of it like Rene Rancourt giving multiple fist pumps.

In honor of Game 4…

I’m popping open a Sam Adams New England IPA. This won’t get the credit it deserves with all the Haze Boys out there, but I guarantee if you slap a Treehouse label on it those same people would go nuts. I also have a lot of respect for Jim Koch, the co-owner of Boston Beer Company. In the hop shortage in 2008 he sold his contracted hops at cost to the little guys to make sure they could keep afloat. That’s first class stuff.

Sam Adams NEIPA weighs in at 6.8%, which is nice so you can have a couple/few, has only 35 IBU’s, and subtle citrus on the nose. It’s got crisp, clean bitterness (I question the 35 IBU’s) and I’m getting a lot of tangerine on the back end. The carb is on point and it drinks very smooth. You won’t be disappointed with this one!

Unfortunately there are a lot of beers out there that aren’t getting the chance because their not a huge IPA factory, so keep an open mind, friends. I promise you you’re missing out on a lot of excellent beer from the small breweries so spend a dollar or two on their stuff and have a chat with them. Know that your dollar just went to a small, most likely family, business that is just trying to live out their dream.

As for tonight’s Game 5…

Since my brewery, @30MileBrewingCo, had a can release today, I’ll be popping one of those. The beer is Haller Blanc Girl. It’s a New England IPA with 100% Hallertau Blanc hops. A pleasantly fruity flavoring hop that is actually the daughter of Cascade hops. It’s got a lot a list of flavor characteristics to it; pineapple, lemongrass, white grape, and passionfruit. It’s not so much a ‘dank’ hop, but has a really fruity taste to it. Body is a medium with nice mouthfeel, and goes down with a lingering white grape and pineapple finish.

Go out and get you some New England IPA’s or pales in the name of our Bruins and beer and tell me all about it!

Hit us up on Twitter at @BostonPucks and let us know what’s tickling your tongue for tonight’s game, and don’t forget to tag me (@30MileDevon).

30MileDevon is a BostonPucks contributor on all things beer. He is the owner of @30MileBrewingCo in Connecticut and is a lifelong Bruins fan and season ticket holder.