So it’s pretty clear having two selections for #BeerForTheGame is the reason the B’s lost Game 5 Saturday. It’s a good lesson. Let’s enjoy more responsibly and just go with one tonight.

The Bruins gotta close this thing out tonight and get some rest for the second round. They decided to show up for only the second half of Game 5 to make it interesting and that just isn’t enough. I was excited to see the young guys/fourth line step up and get a few points Saturday and I just hope we can watch some of the big guns go nuts tonight and put the Leafs season to sleep.

Now to the beer:

It’s a big game so I want something with enough alcohol in it to take the edge off. But also not too strong so the eyes start to cross after a couple. That said, tonight I’m pouring a beer from Bad Sons Beer Company in Derby, CT. The beer is Conn Ale.

Conn Ale is brewed with Cascade hops that are grown right here in CT. This one is labeled as an East Coast Pale Ale, so not quite a NEIPA, but this one is only 5.3%, not too intense in any of the flavors, so it drinks quite nicely. It has a little bit of a strawberry taste to it and subtle citrus notes so you can crush a few of these and not get too wobbly.

Hit us up at @BostonPucks and let us know what’s smacking your lips for tonight’s game, and don’t forget to tag me (@30MileDevon).

30MileDevon is a BostonPucks contributor on all things beer. He is the owner of @30MileBrewingCo in Connecticut and is a lifelong Bruins fan and season ticket holder.