I don’t have a whole lot to say other than last night was pretty special to watch. In a lot of ways more so than other recent Cup winners.

Pittsburgh won the previous two, with a few of those guys getting one back in 2009. The Kings had won two, Chicago three. And yes, despite all the repetition they’re all great to watch. This one just felt better.

Alex Ovechkin, and the entire Washington Capitals franchise, now has the monkey off their back. And even though Ray Bourque wasn’t a Bruin when he got his Cup, Ovi’s moment reminded me a lot of 77’s moment. Or like Dave Andreychuk in Tampa Bay back in 2004.

No, they aren’t on “your team” but it’s just so awesome to see. Watching the hard work and decades long frustration just explode into euphoria is awesome. Human emotion at its finest.

Each year the NHL shows a commercial that is a collection of 2-4 second clips of players completely speechless after winning the Stanley Cup. They might as well toss that tape in the trash and just play T.J. Oshie’s post-game interview from last night on loop forever instead.

My day job is taking care of a Vietnam veteran, combat marine, who has dementia. He lived through hell. I’ll take him to get a coffee and 10 seconds after we go through the drive through he’ll ask if we can go get coffee, not even remembering what we bought moments before. There are some long, tough days. To hear Oshie speak of the meaning of winning the Cup, too see his emotions while his father fights Alzheimers, is tear jerking. It’s probably the greatest story of a family winning I’ve heard in my lifetime.

“He has Alzheimer’s, and he forgets a lot of things, but you bet your ass he’s going to remember this”, said Oshie. Then he apologized at the end of the interview for getting emotional. Unreal.

This was a Stanley Cup winner that was so deserving it’s off the charts. And it spanned from a lovable drunken Russian megastar all the way through an incredible family love and battle. Hollywood can’t write that stuff. That’s what makes watching guys win the Cup, regardless of who it is, so amazing.

This years Caps team will be tough to top though.

Congrats to Ovi, Oshie, and the rest of the 2018 Caps. You were fun to watch.

No one deserved it more than you.

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