Normally people go to Vegas, get blackout drunk, and leave a couple paychecks behind because Vegas always wins. Today, Marc-Andre Fleury beat Vegas at it’s own game.

The Golden Knight goalie will essentially be turning 35(!) when his new three-year, $7 million per, deal kicks in. What a win for a tendy some felt may be close to done at this time last year.

This is a pretty big gamble no pun intended by the Vegas Golden Knights. Pretty, pretty big indeed. Granted goalies can flower no pun intended well into their 30’s but Fleury is a total coin toss going forward against father time.

One thing is for sure, he’s about the most likeable dude in the NHL and if anyone deserved a lifetime achievement contract in the gleaming twilight of their career it’s Fleury. He’s got three rings, been a part of five Stanley Cup Final’s, lived up to his 1st overall pick pedigree, and is the face and backbone of the most successful expansion team in the history of organized sports.

I certainly wouldn’t want to promise to cut extra fat paychecks to a 37-year-old goalie four years from now in the cap era NHL but if Vegas is going to roll the dice no pun intended on anyone approaching the 18th green of their career at least they did it on Fleury. Guy deserves as many Brinks trucks as he wants.

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