Yeah so, Ottawa is not very good at making trades I see? Today they took one of the best generational talents in the NHL and moved him for a return that would make even Peter Chiarelli blush. Spare parts, practice pucks, and pocket change galore. How the Sens didn’t start by getting at least two 1st’s for him (since they STILL don’t have a 1st in 2019) without conditions from ANYONE is beyond me.

But hey, it’s Ottawa. To no surprise they waited too long to do this. And now they’ve burned their thing into the ground so quickly the ashes will still be scalding hot months from now. A franchise that was a Game 7 away from being in the Cup Final just two years ago is now trading crazy ex-girlfriends, mega stars, and fielding a “revamped” roster that’d be lucky to go to a shootout with the Charlestown Chiefs.

Today they were backed into a corner needing to make a move and now have paid the price for their incompetence. But I was in desperate need of a good chuckle at work and the Senators never fail to deliver one of those, so there’s that. Just an absolute a disaster of a franchise, however now a fantastic rebuild option in NHL 19 franchise mode if you’re looking for a challenge.

As for San Jose… wow. Burns, Vlasic, now Karlsson, and give Braun props too, are their new top 4 D-core. That’s scary. Scary, scary good. Solid is all areas from first pass, joining the rush, and good ol’ fashioned defense. They’ll have a loaded power play with Karlsson in the fold and puck possession numbers to the moon. Not to mention Martin Jones is probably the happiest goalie in the NHL right now. What a day for Sharks fans.

Let’s get this season going already.

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