Well, it’s the best time of the year for this BostonPucks contributor; the start of the NHL season. And for that I need to get something off my chest real quick…


K, I’m good now.

I’m sure with summer and training camp finally in the rear view the B’s first opponent of the season, the Capitals, have been giving Ovi an endless supply of IV’s to sober him up from the world’s best Stanley Cup celebration tour I have ever seen. At the time they won I had an idea in the back of my mind for the winners of the Cup, and then sure enough I heard it on Zo & Beetle on 98.5: The Cup winner should immediately fly out to Vegas for a week. Almost like the Super Bowl MVP going to Disney, it should be a mandatory NHL team function when you win the Cup.

And as we all saw in the news following the Caps winning it all, their tour, Ovechkin specifically, was amazing. Then I thought, what if the 2011 Bruins had done a Vegas trip instead of Foxwoods? Seguin and Marshy would probably have had jail time, Bergeron might still be in his room getting a good nap in, and Chiarelli would have traded Tuukka, Chara, and the top 3 lines to Edmonton for a conditional 1st rounder and a couple packs of Donruss. But anyway…on to tonights B’s.

Our beloved Darth Quaider has been shipped out of town, Moore was the “big” acquisition, Krug is out for a bit with and ouchy foot, and 2017 1st round pick Urho ‘Mr. Steal Urho’ Vaakanainen might see some time for the big club. Say what you want about Sweeney, but his good knack for finding young talent has helped the defensive corps project pretty nicely with the kids coming up. So, overall I’m happy with the roster projections at the start of the season. But, I don’t anticipate the B’s being as eye popping as last season, and a lot of that will come down to Tuukka and an improved top end of the Atlantic Division.

Now for the real reason you’re putting up with my blabbing… BEER! It’s my passion and one of the few things my brain understands really well. From the fun side of it to the business of it. And since the start of the NHL season teeters on stout season I have a beauty for tonights #BeerForTheGame.

Tonight, I’m going with one of my favorite beers from one of my favorite breweries, a 2016 Parabola from Firestone Walker. I was able to meet up with Adam Firestone at their Barrelworks facility in Buelton, CA a few years ago, and man this guy is brilliant. He put on a friggin clinic with a normal conversation, and it made me fall in love with their beers even deeper.

This Parabola has mellowed over the past 2 years, but still has a bit of alcohol burn on it. Its’ got a big leather and chocolate feel to it, with a nice creamy mouthfeel and perfect carb. I’ll be sipping this bad boy slowly all night.

So enjoy opening night. Hopefully you’ve got a chance to secure a Parabola too. Let @BostonPucks know what you’re sucking down tonight, and don’t forget to tag your beer buddy here @30MileDevon. Go B’s!

30MileDevon is a BostonPucks contributor on all things beer. He is the owner of @30MileBrewingCo in Connecticut and is a lifelong Bruins fan and season ticket holder.