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Things you will need: 1. Read at least one book about greyhound adoption. There are many very good books available that provide useful information about greyhound adoption. It is an old book and some of the information is out of date xrossroads it is still the best book we have found. A crate.

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Things you will need: 1. Read at least one book about greyhound adoption. There are many very good books available that provide useful information about greyhound adoption.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It is an old book and some of the information is out of date but it is still the best book we have found. A crate. We highly recommend that adopters buy a crate before bringing crodsroads their new greyhound.

Crates are available on-line as well as at many pet stores. We recommend either the plastic "airline" crates or wire crates. Plastic crates typically divide in half for storage or moving whereas wire crates can often collapse down into a flat if somewhat bulky object for storage or moving. Either type of crate vhat work for a greyhound as long as they are the right size.

Very small female greyhounds can fit into a crate that is 42 inches long but most females and males need the larger 48 inch long crates. If you have a larger, taller male look for an extra tall crate 35" or 36" inches high. These will still be 48" long, just taller. This is usually only necessary if you are adopting a male that is over 80 lbs. If you decide to get a wire crate, you may want to look for the crates that have doors Dubach-LA adult fuckfriends the narrow end as shown in the picture to the right as well as a door on the wide side of the crate.

This allows for much greater flexibility in placing the crate in your house. Folding metal crates are a little more crosroads than the pin style metal crates, but are much easier to move and put together, so we think they are well worth the cost. If the dog you are getting has houdini tendencies, the fostees airline style crates are the best bet, which is why those are required for shipping dogs. Food, water and dishes. Most of our members feed their greyhounds a high quality dry dog food.

Typically this is dog food that can be purchased in pet stores or tractor supply companies. When looking for a specific type of dog food, we recommend finding a food that does not have corn. Many of our adopters like Kirklands dry and canned food from Costco.

It is the most economical food that we recommend. An even better option is Nature's Select Multi Protein Dry Dog food, and that is what we provide to many of our foster homes. It is delivered to your home and is not available in pet stores. For that first week we recommend adding 2 heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt unsweetened that contains active cultures to the food.

The active cultures in yogurt helps settle the dog's stomach and can help prevent unwanted gastric side-effects, especially if you feed your new greyhound a different type of food than he was getting in crossroad foster home. After the first week, you can experiment with other tasty morsels to add to your dog's food. Also, remember to always have fresh water available for your greyhound.

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cchat Finally, for dishes, we recommend the stainless steel dishes. These crssroads easier to keep clean than plastic dishes. Greyhounds eat soft food at the track so we usually add water to their food to make it soupy although we don't wait for the food to get soft. This helps prevent choking on the dry food at first. Most greyhounds prefer to eat in their crates because that is what they are used to doing at the track. Your new greyhound doesn't have and shouldn't have fat as padding. He really needs a padded place to lie down and be comfortable.

If you let him, he will be happy to be on your bed or couch, but a dog bed will also work just fine! You can buy dog beds large enough and fluffy enough for our greys at places like Target, Sams Club, Costco or on the web. If you get a dog bed or use a stack of old blankets and place it in a corner where your new greyhound can observe the activity of the family around him, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how quickly he starts using the dog bed.

Don't forget to get some blankets to put in his crate too. Bony greyhounds need lots of padding there too. We use a couple of twin sized comforters Phat horny girls in Dallas Texas tx Goodwill in crates.

They fit in our washer better than the crate p sold with the crates and only cost a few dollars. If you haven't owned or been around greyhounds much, you may not know what a squawker or a predator call is. A squawker is a wild-animal call that can be used to call your greyhound to you. When you squeeze it, it makes a sound that is generally very attractive to greyhounds.

This is something they were trained with when they were learning to race and they associate it with getting to chase the lure - something they really enjoy. The main use for squawkers is in emergency situations. Foaters don't like to think of our greyhounds getting away from us, but it can happen. In fact, the most likely time for it to happen is in the fat freezing shepparton few months of greyhound-ownership when you, as a crosaroads owner, are still learning what it is like to own and handle a greyhound.

Greyhounds are so fast But, a squawker can be used to call your dog back!

Once in running or chase mode they often will not respond to their name, but will respond to the squawker. Our recommendation is to have at least 2 squawkers; one for your house and one for in your car, especially if you take your dog for rides. Sometimes you can find squawkers at outdoor sport supply locations. Martingale collar, tag collar and a leash.

Greyhounds should wear martingale collars a modified choke collar when they are on a leash. Greyhounds he are as narrow as their neck and regular dog collars will slide off if the greyhound pulls backwards. We require that our new owners have a martingale collar or purchase one from us when they pick up their greyhound. At that time, we demonstrate to the owner how to adjust the collar so that it fits their dog properly. Three fingers should fit between the two metal rings at the top. You can remove the martingale collar in the house since the loops can get caught on things like crates and cabinet pulls and leave on the tag collar.

You can use any standard leash nylon or leather with the martingale collar. DO NOT use retractable leashes with greyhounds. A greyhound that hits the end of a long retractable leash Local lonely singles Boise Idaho oral sex full speed can dislocate your shoulder, break the leash or break its neck. Fenced-in yard.

At Greyhound Crossro we do not require that our adopters have fenced-in yards. However, for those members that do, it is important to carefully go over the yard to make sure that it is dog safe. Naughty wives want nsa Salem aren't typically diggers or jumpers, so usually you don't have to be too concerned about the dog jumping over the fence or trying to dig out of the fence.

But, do make sure that there aren't any good sized gaps in the fence that the dog could push through and that the gates close and latch properly. Also, be sure to use some type of clasp to make sure that the latch on the gate doesn't come open easily or allow the dog to accidentally push it open.

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Busy toy Kong toy. A kong toy can be used to help fill your dog's time when you leave them alone. Many of crossroaxs actually use them to encourage our dogs to get in the crate when we have to leave.

You can fill the toy with peanut butter or cream cheese and let your dog spend time licking the treat out of the toy. Try freezing the toy with peanut butter or cream cheese Free horny housewives Carson City Nevada Carson City Nevada it to make it last just a little longer. Enzyme cleaner meant for pet messes. No dog comes "potty trained". No matter how perfectly potty trained a dog may be in his foster home he will NOT understand that the same rules apply in your house.

Dogs don't think like humans and have to be trained in each new place they go in to. Your new greyhound is likely to have at least a few accidents while you are teaching him the rules in your home. Dogs occasionally get sick and throw up and have diarrhea so you will need the cleaner eventually. When you bring a new greyhound into your home be aware of these anxiety triggers and give him time to adapt: Novelty - everything is new to him - new household items, new people, new animals, and first time in a house.

Invasion of personal space - disruption when resting, hugging, kissing, forcibly restraining. We know you want to love your new dog but give him space to avoid stressing him out. Changes in housing - moving to a new foster 2 roomates seeking fwd, then a new adoptive home. Changes in household members - new foster family, adoptive family and possibly kids and new pets in the household to adjust to.

Separation from human family and dog family members - loosing his trainer and his littermates, losing foster family, and losing you when you leave for work. Changes in routine - new feeding schedule, new potty break schedule, new house rules and often more time out of the crate than he is comfortable with.

Physical stress - recent spay or neuter surgery, vet stay, Housewives seeking hot sex Hayneville, and shots. No matter your personal opinion of racing, your greyhound loved to chase a lure more than he will ever love laying on your couch and more than he will love you. There is no jockey to encourage a greyhound to run or run faster. They will choose to chase a lure over food, drink, sleep or even the opposite sex.

Greyhounds will chase to the point of heat exhaustion and even death if a human does not stop them. This is the reason greyhounds can not be trusted off leash outside a fenced area. No matter how much your greyhound grows to love you, he will choose the chase over you and will not come back when you call. Anyone who has owned a greyhound can confirm that greyhounds even dream about chasing the lure.

Many owners eventually let their retirees chase a lure at greyhound play groups, lure coursing meets or for fun amateur race meets in the area.