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Blitz chat

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This document is intended to be a short primer to playing Stars! Blitz games over IRC. Blitzes are fast stars! The games use multi-year generations, normally batching up 4 years until2 years until and 1 year thereafter, and are usually finished over the course of one night.

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When all race's are in the host starts the game and you will recieve by DCC the games.

When you've won the game or been ground underfoot use the! Theoretically any game conditions can be used for a blitz but the bigger the game the longer it takes, usually the game settings are optimised for speed.

Blitzes are nearly always played in Tiny universes, from sparse one world wonderthons to packed games filled with multi-world races. Accelerated BBS play is nearly always used. Public player scores is a favorite as you don't have as much time for the finer points of scouting and diplomacy.

Victory conditions are very rarely used. The game is usually played with muliple years generated for each game turn. The default settings are.

The games are played against a timer. When the first player submits a turn for each generation the timer glitz begin to count down. If the timer reaches 0 without all players submitting then the game force generates. The default setting for the timer is seconds, 10 minutes.

Recently a group have players have been trying to balance out the games PRT's with a race wizard advantage point handicap smyrna lactating escort on PRT. This is still a working in progress and the exact handicaps may have changed by the time you read this so if you a handicaped game ensure you check with the other players.

The response to these rules from regular some very experienced players has been very positive so far and it is likely that these will become a regular used rules variant. When deing the race leave the following amount of points leftover based on your PRT.

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The first 50 points leftover can be left to go to whichever start advantage you wish. Repeat until you have enough pop to fill your HW. Get jihad Bligz tech. Kick ass.

Blitz race developed as a variation of a Jason Cawley de submitted to the Stars! Major changes from base de was left shifting of Grav and Temp, and selection of "start Tech 4" box.

Blitz chat

Strategy is extremely quick scouting to find the greens in blitx galaxy followed by immediate colonization in order to out-ramp one-world- wonders. Race will start with privateers and ability to make scout-based minelayers in -- this has bliyz useful once or twice in that minefields are not expected that early. Secondary strategy is limiting opposition growth by engaging in a pop-drop war while economy ramping and research is carried out.

An even more radical 1WW approach, built for both speed and capacity.

Play chess

The resource maximum for a world is well over 4k res. The cheap engines and ramscoop availability makes for mass production of cheaper warships, coupled with the superior hulls of the WM, the BC and DN, it can be quite a force to be reckoned with. It can start churning out jihad BCs by the early to mid twenties.

This time is likely the one where it is the strongest, at least if there are multi planet races it has not yet managed to kill. Considering the universe hab distribution it is likely that it will find at least one more planet, be blizt severely yellow. If that happens its edge becomes even greater.

One can also shift all habs to the far right to improve chances. Jump to:search.

Blitz chat

From Random jlcoles. Personal tools Log in. Blitz: Talk. Shawn Park.

Fans can express their fandom through setting blit flair icon that represents their favorite team. View feedback. More by Shawn Park View profile. View comments Share actions Detail actions. For deers.