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October 9 I want to talk about death!

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October 9 I want to talk about death! Is this something that interests you?

You can comment below or private message me, or we can set up an in person interview. It would be offered to people in a hospice setting that already knew messaye were approaching death, so that they could hopefully leave this world on the energy of an orgasm, which is the same energy portal which brought us all here.

I definitely want it for myself someday!

avult The second practice would be a guided meditation group workshop puja masturbation journey to help us all deal with the fear of our own death. It would start with a puja type interaction with other individuals where we face the intellectual and emotional challenges of our own death first.

Then I would guide you step-by-step through an experience of what it would be like not being able to move and approaching taking your final breath as if you were dying. Of note, I have participated in a workshop like this ly and it was incredibly powerful.

Because after we had the powerful experience of facing our own death, it was over. Edgy I know!

Is this something you might be interested in? If so, comment below or private message me.

I was able to use the same sexual energy that connected me to a lover who passed, to connect with him across dimensions through my masturbation practice. If this calls to you, let me know.