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Sincehe is at UCSF. His early PhD and postdoctoral work in the laboratory of Dr.

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Sincehe is at UCSF.

His early PhD and postdoctoral work in the laboratory of Dr. Fernando Nottebohm demonstrated the migration of young neurons in adult song birds; showed that long projection neurons continue to form in the high vocal center of adult songbirds, and that radial glial cells in adult birds not only serve as guides for neuronal migration, but are also the precursors of the new neurons.

He and colleagues then identifies in the adult mammalian brain subventricular alyn SVZ a large population of neuronal precursors; demonstrates long Sex cams in Olympic Valley ca migration of young neurons from the SVZ to the olfactory bulb; Identified the mechanism of cell translocation as chain migration and uncovered an extensive network of pathways for chain migration in the adult mammalian brain.

In a surprising observation, his group has recently shown that the polarization of ependymal cells helps guide neuronal migration in the adult brain. The Alvarez-Buylla laboratory identified the neural stem cells in the adult mammalian brain SVZ and hippocampus.

Unexpectedly, these cells correspond to a subpopulation of astrocytes. His laboratory shows that these cells in the SVZ give rise to transit amplifying cells Type C cells that generate both neurons and oligodendrocytes during postnatal life.

His laboratory revealed the developmental lineage of neural stem cells and identified a subpopulation of astrocytes in the adult human SVZ that can function as neural stem cells in vitro. Work by this group has shown that adult neural stem cells upon stimulation with growth factors PDGF give rise to glioma-like masses next to the SVZ.

Most recently, the Alvarez-Buylla laboratory discovers that adult neural stem cells are heterogeneous and that different types of neurons in the olfactory bulb are derived from specific locations in the SVZ. The Alvarez-Buylla laboratory has also contributed to our understanding of the origin of cortical interneurons and has shown that cells derived from blood fuse with Purkinje neurons and other cells in roooms brain, heart and liver.

Work in Dr.

The work also suggests possible culprits in brain cancer initiation.