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Excite chat rooms

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Mostly I was curious about what draws people to chat rooms and what benefit, if any, is derived from their going to chat rooms.

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Now what does this mean in terms of my thesis? Based on the data I collected, I feel that I cannot come to any conclusions on my original hypothesis, however, I can draw certain other conclusions. Most of the respondents agree that they like using chat rooms to either gather data or just to chat.

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What is less sure is how comfortable people are maneuvering around within one or more chat rooms. While most people recognize the fact that the Internet is here to stay and not a passing fad, they have not yet found a real comfort level in using these chat rooms, although they find the information obtained useful. As a result of the statistical data I have collected, I have decided to recount my personal experiences within a chat room, specifically the adult chat rooms.

I had my computer for several months and was afraid to cbat it thinking I would knock out the power in the entire West San Fernando Valley.

However, one day I just decided to sit down and hit buttons, which I did. I soon found myself in what is called the Adult Chat Rooms. I scrolled through the inhabitants of this room and was appalled, astonished, titillated, and completely hooked within a day or two.

Excite chat rooms

Who are these people who use some of these vulgar names? I should add that at this point my nom de plume was Milady. It sounded so regal to me, and just having seen The Three Musketeers, I adopted it. I would be Milady de Winter. It wasn't long before I was "IM'd" on by several persons, IM being computerese for instant message, the term used to introduce oneself on line. This was only the first of what would become a major obsession for me.

Excite chat rooms

I dare say I learned more vhat I needed to know. Where to begin? Well, with the "handle" or chat room identity of Milady, I soon became aware that I was thought of as a dominatrix. Stick and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains began to excite me on line only, of course.

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I became aware of what I call a "netherworld" where people actually enjoyed roo,s as part and parcel of receiving pleasure. I left that world after I realized that I was getting nauseated at what I was hearing.

I guess deep down I'm just a middle-aged Jewish woman. But I did not altogether abandon chat rooms.

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Lonely women great Lombard the flick of my nimble fingers I soon became Lady X, and realized I could be 37, 5'6", auburn hair at least that's truewith the figure of a Playboy model and the mind of a Mensa member. I found myself rushing home from meetings with friends to meet one of my new "friends" on line.

I was hooked! It is soooooooo flattering and unbelievably stupid to think that these men, all of whom were never taller than 5'7" were mad for me.

They all wanted to meet. We were all married to partners who didn't understand us, and occasionally, we partook of cyber sex. I must say I think I'm gifted in this area so the men told mebut I didn't for one moment believe I wanted to earn a living this way.

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Finally after months, ok, two years, I finally walked away from my cyber experience, well almost away. I've actually met four men on line that I communicate with to this day.

One lives in England; two in Canada; and one in Kansas. I've seen photos of them and their families and we talk about what's going on in each other's lives.


Louis, who lives in London will be 49 on June 14,is married, has two daughters ages 17 sxcite 14, and sells computer software to the banking industry in the U. Note: many of the links below may no longer be working, they could possibly be found by entering them into the WayBackMachine at The Internet Archive. Thank you, Shari, it was you who started it all!

I dedicate this to all my wonderful VP vhat whom I met over the years, especially the old VP crew. I remember the time when there was just a handful of us yes! May all your dreams come true, wherever you are.