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II was embarrassed by our level of execution all three phases and um I I didn't think had the juice we we didn't get any hats to ball on defense. We made mistakes over and over on offense we made mistakes on special teams. We're good.

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II was embarrassed by our level of execution all three phases and um I I didn't think had the juice we we didn't get any hats to ball on defense. We made mistakes over and over on offense we made mistakes on special teams. We're good. We're good and uh that's not how husier works in this league. It's not how it works in life. It's not how it works in football. Andy Gotta know everybody's concerned about Colin Miller husekr you can tell his condition I could barely hear you um I just got an update on Collin uh he's been the hearts.

Collin's been the heart and soul of our football team. Hot wants nsa Dana Point probably been our best leader um and he's played really well cyat us that he just got an update on him and right now. I'm cautiously optimistic that everything looks good. Um I hear he's got. Feeling everywhere, full range of motion movement and the preliminary um examination uh looks pretty good so our prayer with him.

Brian Christopherson. Hey Scott. How did you think Luke played and did you consider going to Adrian earlier we talked about uh what to do at halftime? Um now I'll be honest, just hysker I always say in every position whichever guy gives us the best chance that's who we're gonna go with um you know Luke's a great player. He's gonna be a great player um today wasn't anybody's best day and if Adrian gives his best huwker Adrian the flu gives us the best chance it'll be Luke um.

Nobody played good enough to win today uh right from the first snap of the game. No replay good enough to win and uh told the team we all have to hudker in our mirror on on on that uh but we'll do the same thing We've always done and let them compete and decide who gives us a chance.

2 ex-Nebraska football players charged with sexually assaulting student

Henry was Jergens hurt or did you just wanna go a different direction that center in the second half? No cams are gonna be a phenomenal player for us um he kinda. Aggravated his foot I couldn't push off it. I think that um might have contributed some to the snap issues that we continue to have and have to get fixed as a coaching staff um but he he just wasn't full speed and uh we had to make a change.

Coach your uh halfway through year three in Lincoln. What do you see is cnat biggest issues with the program right now? Um we got plenty of talent right now to compete in every game, but in order to win the games, you gotta do a lot more right than what we did cgat Um you know this has been a rebuild um we've had to rebuild talent. We've had to change culture.

We've had to change attitudes. We've had to learn lessons um. Feel like we've come a long way um but it sure didn't feel like it today. Uh we're gonna get this fixed um. But the need to come the are gonna come and it's what I told the players are gonna come when their expectations and their effort are aligned and um, I didn't think we had we had as much juice Uh I didn't think we had as much enthusiasm um I would die to go back and play one more game Memorial Stadium.

You know nobody had to tell me to be fired up to play um. Give anything to go play one more time on that turf and um I didn't see it coming but I feel like we were uh lacks a days ago today. We did that last week. Um we certainly didn't win on and um we'll keep preaching that until the kids understand it, we get it done that. Hey, Scott. Are you talk quite a bit about the players?

How did you feel like the coaching match-up one today in terms of exes and themes? How do you feel like Illinois did compared to your guys? Well we got beaten every face um I would say Ladies wants sex MN Cromwell 55726 players coaches like um I felt great about our plan going in on offense.

We have guys open and miss them um we have bad snaps to kill and drives um we have penalties that kill drives um one little thing here and there and it's it's not gonna work. Um you know I'd I'm gonna keep simplifying after to make sure that these young players can be in the right place and do the right thing.

Uh we played a lot of young guys but we got beaten every face today, Hksker and um their team was. Ready to play the Did they surprise you with their offense and their success at a variety of play and they're able to run it and throw it and kinda do what they wanted.

Did you anticipate them being that Girl fucking Moree on offense efficiently? No, I thought their quarterback played a good game um you know we came into the the game with kinda two defensive game plans We had to cuz we weren't sure who's gonna play. I don't think we did a very good job as a kosher staff and a team settling in to the plan that we needed to execute based on who is in there.

And um yeah, we gave up a couple fifty balls. We gotta win them uh gave up a couple big runs where somebody was out of their gap.

Um we got a short week so we need to move on fast, but we need to learn this lesson that nothing's gonna be given to you and we better come ready to play every week if simple. Scott um what you got? What's what's holding that right now? Um consistency of execution uh you know just when we're moving Horny women in Peck, MI ball we do something that stops to drive just when we get something going, we have a bad snap.

Uh we miss a lot We miss protection. That's what we're gonna have to do. Um we gotta be able to throw the ball down the field uh I'd have to look at the tape, but I feel like we had some guys running open down field um whether it's protection or vision um dooms just trusting it and throwing them on time Um we got we gotta be better football team at throwing the ball down the field.

One other thing Scott is as the program's leader I mean, do you get concerned on a day like this when you have to sell the notion of progress to people. Um yeah, if I pay attention to what's going on outside, um that's certainly a fair judgement to make after today Um I know what I have in the locker room. I have a bunch of high character kids and I have uh growing talent and we're gonna get it fixed. Um I have as much or more confidence today than I've had uh but it it's simply was bad today and that starts with me and goes the whole team um the guys.

Gotta prepare a little better the coaches need to prepare a little better and uh we we got what we need in that locker room to win. We gotta Lincoln AL adult personals it together. Do a couple more here uh Sean here with Michelle. I mean, do you want those quarterbacks running as much as what Luke's doing and why does it seem like the downfield throws just aren't there right now husksr him when he's in roojs um.

I don't want him running that much. I want him to run when it's there uh we're gonna de a few things for him in the games. Roos gonna be some other times where the read dictates that they run it um a lot of those are happening on quite a few of those are happening on past place, where maybe we need to protect better or get the ball off on time, But you know there's uh there's a precise to execution that has to happen in order for those things to work.

Um we. Gotta have some receivers step up instead of landing on certain receivers so that they can be in the right place.

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Quarterback can trust it. They can rip it throw it on time, We gotta be more accurate. We gotta protect better um you know, II feel great about our young running backs. We went into the game with pretty much only freshman running backs in well only fresh backs in um those guys are gonna be good players um but we gotta get them to the point that they can execute well and uh carry the load for us.

I don't wanna run our quarterbacks running as much as they have. With the chairman, It's rloms uh the first play What did you um what you think of it? Apparently there wasn't an angle available to review it um but what did you?

Hail Varsity - Nebraska Football, Recruiting & News

I was surprised how fast it looked really close to me when I first saw on the replay, I thought it was for sure forward, so I was getting ready to call the next play. I mean we start out with a simple motion from empty to a base formation and a simple outside zone play. Um I have to husoer it um Luke pulled it not a good decision to do what he did um especially on the first play um. I couldn't tell if it was was forward or backwards, surprised that they didn't cha more time to look at Girls like porn felt like they're in a hurry to get the next place snapped and I thought it was close enough to merit uh at least a really close look, but I that's all speculation cuz I haven't seen it.

Hey one last thing on coin was he talking huskerr you on the field or what huusker you? Yeah, he was talking uh he was able to move on the field so again I um that's my one.

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Concern right now um and um be waiting to hear for sure but the preliminary um prognosis was positive. Thank you. Thank you everyone. We'll begin with players here shortly. Here we have Luke McCaffrey here. I will start with Parker Gabriel. Hey, Luke. What how Girls dating Columbus you um I guess summarize what an afternoon like that is like and how do you prevent guides from getting discouraged after a result like that you know to bring the energy and practice that's something we me personally didn't do hysker great job of this week and we need to get better at.

Sam What were you watching out there today? Um there were times when uh uh you know you ran quite a bit. Uh you know the meaning you can't turn the ball over and I did that too many times today and that's probably a big reason the huskeer look like it did. Uh bit chairman. It looked at that lack of energy that you husekr you saw in practice or that you felt was it something that you noticed during the week or is it just looking back at it now um when did, when did that become apparent to you that you weren't the team wasn't doing the job that you wanted in that area.

Uh you know the whole week we addressed it. We discussed it, but we didn't really change it too much and again me specifically is that is a target to blame the attention to detail and the energy that I brought to practice showed up in the game. Gonna kill him.