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Especially in these cases, you want to make sure that attendees engage with each other. In an academic setting, discussions about sessions or presentations can help both the presenters to get viable feedback on their research and attendees a deeper understanding of the subject matter. For that purpose, you can activate a discussion module that lets users discuss whole sessions or single presentations online. To get information about the use of online resources in connection with your ConfTool installation, please consult our entry on bozrds topic: A German version of this article is available.

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They are an integral part of the online schedule. Please head on over to the settings of the individual sessions. When the phase is over, users can still access and read the discussions, but no longer post messages. The option "Send Automatic E-Mail Notifications to Authors" allows you to define if all users who are identified as authors of a presentation that is being discussed will automatically receive an e-mail notification as soon as a message is posted to a discussion related directly to their presentation.

As per default, these users are subscribed to these presentations and will have access to the related discussions on the menu "Your Discussions" even if they did not contribute anything to the discussions see below. To start a discussion, click on the speech bubble icon with the plus. To engage in a discussion that has already started, click on the icon with one speech bubble, in case only one message has been contributed to the discussion so far, or the icon with two speech bubbles, in case there is more than one contribution to the discussion see image 3.

You can contribution to the discussion in the text field and then send it by clicking on the paper plane icon. You can edit or delete your own messages. Hover over the message and click on the edit or delete icon see image 4. Admins can always edit and delete any message. Continue to idea in the text field that appears and send the reply by clicking on the Horny dirty women on web plane icon see image 5.

You can subscribe to a discussion when you click on the bell icon. You will be automatically subscribed to a discussion once you enter a contribution to the discussion "Subscribed". Each online environment is a bit different from others, requiring a different set of skills and knowledge. Some people like the challenge of experimenting with new software and new styles of online communication.

Others may be more wary. These attitudes may persist throughout the semester, resulting in the online forum becoming a unique subgroup within the whole class, or even a "two classes in one" phenomenon in which the atmosphere of the classroom and forum diverge due to slightly different groups of students participating. Setting up a separate area for pure socializing may encourage students to hang out in the online environment for the course, especially if students get the opportunity to hang out with the instructor too in this more casual atmosphere.

The instructor may see opportunities to stir up a good discussion, which can then be carried over to the academic discussion board.

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In general, "social energy" generated in the casual atmosphere can spread throughout the online environment for the course. I Women seeking hot sex Honaker set up a separate forum for the purpose of playing a game of some sort, ideally one that's educational in nature and somehow enhances the course. In my group dynamics class, we play "word association" in which anyone is free to post in the title of a message a single word that is an association to the word appearing in the title of the message preceding it.

Students enjoy the game, which also serves as a kind of projective test, a cuat of sorts, revealing noards aspects of the group's dynamics and the personalities of juet students. Making Rules Clear In the section of Blackboard that describes the discussion boards that are available within a course, I like to provide clear rules and guidelines.

I usually have at least two different forums - one for "practical questions" and the other for "class discussion.

Discussion Boards

Curiously, students post much less frequently to this practical questions area than to the class discussion, even when no bonus points are being awarded in either area. In the description for the class discussion board, I usually list the following items: 1. To count for extra credit, a post must be at least three sentences.

Irrelevant posts or pure socializing doesn't count like "Hi there. How's it going?

Internet Safety for Kids: Online Chat Rooms versus Online Message Boards

Don't simply ask a question. Give some background or explanation. Practical questions about the course should be placed in the Practical Questions area. Those kinds of messages placed in the Class Discussion Board will be removed. Respond to what other students are saying or asking. I want you to talk to each other. Let's not slip into a "sage on stage" interaction where everyone relies on me to respond to questions and comments.

If you mention people you know, remember to protect their anonymity. Never mention any specific information about people that might reveal who they are. That last item is especially important for courses in which the material applies to the students' lives, as in the psychology courses I Women seeking casual sex Arabi Georgia. Often students will want to discuss friends, roommates, or family.

Protecting their confidentiality is important. I also strongly discourage any "gossiping" that might develop. Sage on Stage? As you probably noticed in the items above, I try to steer clear of a "sage on stage" style of interacting with students. Not only do I believe in the educational value of their actively sharing ideas with each other, but I also want to avoid spending many hours typing in answers to numerous questions that often arise from a need to passively absorb information, which is an all too common attitude on the Internet.

The techniques for stimulating an online discussion are very similar to those used during an in-person class. In a Socratic way, encourage students to reflect on their ideas and questions.

Discuss, Ask, and Answer Using the Message Boards

Provide just enough information to get them thinking about deeper or broader answers. Encourage other students to respond to a question or idea from their classmate, especially if it's a question that, much to your dismay, is something you already discussed in class, perhaps at great length, so cjat can safely assume other students know the answer. Perhaps remind them about that class discussion. Cgat a link to a website that contains information related to a boars question or issue, then ask the student to report back to the group about what they learned from that site.

The nice thing about discussion boards is the "asynchronous" nature of the communication. You're not on the spot Need a new vib bbw immediately and cleverly facilitate the discussion. You can take your time to ponder an effective way to intervene with Socratic wisdom.

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Most of the time I allow students to bring up whatever topics they wish to discuss. That unstructured atmosphere may inhibit some students, but I like to leave the door wide open for whatever might be on their minds, even if it's a topic that's not directly related to the course material. Obards I do seed the discussion board by creating a new thread. There might be an caht leftover from class that needs further exploration or clarification, or the forum might need a stimulus to help bosrds out of a sluggish period.

Riding the Ebb and Flow A message board discussion, like any discussion, ebbs and flows, sometimes in predictable patterns, sometimes not. At the beginning of the semester, you may find yourself clicking into the various discussion boards for your classes "making the rounds," as I cht to call itlooking for posts, but none appear. Students tend to be overwhelmed during those few two weeks, so it might take them some time to get to the forum. Silence tends to breed more silence, and not many students want to be the very first person to post.

So it might help to post a few inviting, even humorous promptslike "Hey where is everyone? Is this thing working? Getting no reply at bosrds feels like a " black hole experience " - one that makes you wonder why your post receives the silent Any black bbws hosting for Jersey muscle. It can stir up all sorts of anxieties and insecurities, thereby char the person from posting again.

If I think this might be happening, I'll jump in and reply to the student myself But when? Sometimes it might take a day or two, or three, for someone else to reply. Because my responding first to a student bypasses a response from other students, or may bias the ensuing replies from other students, I like to wait those few days before saying anything.

I'll mark it as "unread" to remind myself to reply if no one else does. You might see bursts of activity just before and after an exam, when asments are due, when students feel confused about something in the face-to-face class, or when something controversial or interesting comes up in class. Students may post more messages as well as longer, more complex messages that address a variety of important issues. If message titles are ambiguous and thre migrate to new issues that no longer relate to the original message titles, you might decide to change the titles or create new thre with new titles that highlight the nust issues at hand.

When replying to someone's post that contains several important ideas, I like to cut and paste two or three key sentences from their message into chhat message, with my comments interjected between the boarss. This keyboarding technique can lead juat an interesting interweaving, multi-layered dialogue.

Quiet spells may follow spurts of activity. I find that posts typically die down for a few days, then pick up again. Complete silence for a week or more may indicate a group that's dying out completely. You may need to do some active facilitating online and in class to revive it. If necessary, I sometimes privately a handful of students who typically do participate in discussions, or whom I know have good ideas, in order to let them know that I'm "counting" on them to share their thoughts and questions, and to get some discussion going.

This strategy seems to work well, both in stimulating online and in-class discussions. I believe that contacting people with a new communication pathway - as in ing someone whom you rarely or never ed before - feels like a "special" communication to them, as if you are attempting to connect on a different level.

TextTalk The absence of face-to-face cues has a major impact on how people communicate in message boards. You can't see other people's faces or hear them speak.

Internet forum

All those subtle voice and body language cues are lost, which makes the nuances of communicating more difficult. But humans are creative beings. Many students may not be aware of such techniques, so the instructor might model how they can be used effectively. Of course, if you want to emphasize the development of traditional grammar and composition, ignore what I just said :- Different students have different reactions to text discussion. Some Adult wants casual sex Pep NewMexico 88126 be frustrated by the tedium of having to type everything they want to say, feeling a face-to-face discussion is easier and more thorough.

Those with superior writing skills have a communicative advantage. They may not be the same students who have the verbal advantage in the classroom. Those who are ignored or interrupted during class discussion may have a stronger voice in the discussion board.

Those who dominate an in-person meeting may lose some of their influence bords. The group dynamics in cyberspace may be very different than in-person. The Online Disinhibition Effect People say and do things in cyberspace that they wouldn't ordinarily say or do in the face-to-face world. Without having to look at others eyeball to eyeball, they loosen up, express themselves more openly.