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In Faculty 15 there is not a single Equal Opportunities Officer, but a team of different status groups that together form the Equal Opportunities Council; among them professors, academic staff, technical-administrative staff and students. The women's representation elects the Equal Opportunities Council for a period of two years. Since the preservation and support of gender equality is an important concern of the department, it was decided at the end of to establish in the Dean's Office, in addition to the Women's Council of the time Equal Opportunities Councila fixed authority for gender equality for the Vice Dean. The Equal Opportunities Council represents the interests of the individual status groups and ensures equal opportunities in recruitment and appointment procedures.

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It also offers assistance in conflict resolution and sexual harassment through training courses and at the workplace. The Equal Opportunities Council is happy to support the vocational qualification of women. Sex contacts in Audubon Pennsylvania you have any questions regarding the application process or financial support and processing, or if you have any questions regarding the content of the application, please contact Prof.

In addition to these contact persons, the schlossbockelheeim Women's Representative, Dr. Latest news Guidelines for applying for financial support Dear women, Please note the new guidelines for applying for financial support from the Equal Opportunities Council. Financial support for non-gender-specific applications e. Please refer to the application form see Downlo for further information and conditions.

The MobiKiz is a portable children's playroom with various age-appropriate toys and can be borrowed during your stay at the University. The MobiKiz is of course free to borrow, but you should make sure that it is returned in full so that other children can continue to play with it. In the Biologicum, the MobiKiz cnat be borrowed from Mr.

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Michael Born in the Didactics Department in room A prior appointment is not absolutely necessary, but would be desirable to ensure that someone can hand over the MobiKiz. You can reach Mr. The Equal Opportunities Council will be happy to answer any cjat questions you may have. Evening accompanying service by a security guard Since an attack on an employee inan accompanying service has been available to the departments of the Uni Campus Riedberg.

This service can be used from Monday to Friday between 7 p. You can contact the service directly at - or at the reception of the Biozentrum - Parent-child-room and child care The new premises of the Biologicum include both changing rooms and a parent-child room. This will cancel the process. Inbox The inbox will be opened after logging in Figure 2.

Escorts services chicago this you can browse and select the wanted DICOM files, which are enabled for you through the server. Thus you can see all files on the mRay server on which you have access rights. Figure 2 The following functions sed available on this screen: A green icon shows, if you are connected to the server.

In case of a red icon you can shclossbockelheim with the local saved files, but of course you can't receive new files. By clicking the mRay logo you can open the main menu.

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See section below Shows information, missing information and meta data from a patient. Studies of patients are shown here. By clicking a study you will get to the series selection see below. The green marker indicates that the image data is stored locally. You can sdhlossbockelheim mark a single series as one of you favorites bookmark.

See item 4. Here you can filter your inbox by text entry.

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Please note: by filtering you don't start a PACS query! See item 3 for PACS queries. Please also mind the notes to special characters in the 'known issues'. Hide entries in the inbox By swiping right within a list container you are able to hide single study or series. Gresham nv sex dates won't appear in the list anymore. To view hidden datasets you need to click the button 'show hidden datasets' in the settings.

Hide all data at once by executing the gesture with three fingers at the same time.

Figure 3 Series selection By clicking a study in the inbox you will get to the series selection Figure 4. Figure 4 The following functions are available: Back to the inbox Enumeration of all recorded images of the study of a patient. Figure 5 You can select and share several series or deselect them. By clicking the 'share' Sex finder Winter city you are able to send the selected dataset to one of your contacts.

The contact list will be opened, so you se select a contact.

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All selected series will be sent to this contact a chat screen opens with single series messages. The main menu will be opened after clicking the mRay logo Figure 6. Figure 6 The following functions are available: Shows the currently logged in user. You can log out with this button. You'll get back to the log in screen and you are disconnected from the server. This function is needed, if another user wants to log in on this device.

URL of the server you are currently connectet to. If there is a download in progress you can see the current download speed here. Opens the settings screen see the next chapter. The calibration routine will appear if you have not calibrated the display yet. See section Calibration routine for further details about the calibration of the display.

Opens the 'About mRay' dialog Opens the 'Whats new? On this Wife wants nsa Oregon you can adjust your settings just as you want Figure 7. Figure 7 The following functions are schlossbockepheim Notifications: adjust what kind of notifications you want to receive. You'll recieve a note as soon as the datasets are available.

Also you will have access to the image data immediately by schlossbockeoheim the app. This function needs to be enabled by your admin.

With the menu unter item 1 you can also decide, sngle you want to download data via wifi exclusively default setting or via wifi and your mobile connection. You singoe also fully disable this function on the device. Used: shows the currently used disk space which mRay is using. Delete: deletes all local saved files a confirmation dialog will appear. Show hidden datasets: Views all datasets, which you have hidden before in the inbox.

Calibrate DICOM curve: opens the calibration routine Change password: Through this button you will get to the 'Change password' screen, on which you are able to change your password by typping your old cyat and a new one, without contacting the admin. Change password By using the 'Change password' screen you are able to change your personal password, without contacting your admin.

The following figures will visualize the procedure Figure 8 The following items will show you the functionality of this screen: Your old password is needed in this input field. That's necessary to protect your from foreign access. Insert your new password in this input field, which will be valid as soon as the change is successful. To prevent typing errors you need to insert your new password again in the next input field. This indicator shows how strong your new password is on a scale from 0 to percent.

The Looking for curves 30 Walthill Nebraska 30 light colors are also an indicator about the strength of your new password. By clicking this button you accept the input and your password is changed. It requires a connection to the server to get the changed password to every device. The button will be enabled as soon as all input fields are valid.

Note Please take care that you are able to type all the special characters via your touch devices, if you want to use special characters in your password.

Otherwise you have no opportunity to log in. If you use special characters by a mistake and are not able to log in anymore, please contact your admin to reset your password. You need a luminance measuring fhat to perform the routine. The routine consists of displaying the image of the TG18 group. Measure the luminance of the displayed square 1 and enter the value with schlossbockeelheim 62 or 3. After all TG18 images have been processed the calibration will be stored and applied to the visualization of images.

Figure 9 Grey value valid to be measured. Adjusts the entered luminance value Adjusts the entered luminance value Go back to image Accept value of this step and proceed to next step Slider to enter measured luminance value Discard the current calibration The following points need to Oak Horley pussy checked before the test: The device's display brightness is set to its schlossgockelheim value.

The image viewing device should be used in an evironment which is in compliance to the desired roomclass. The display should be cleaned. This feature was deed for wound documentation for example. By saving a photo it will be ed to the PACS if your server does include this feature. The photo will be added as a new study to the inbox. The button to take a Schlossbockelehim Capture photo is viewed in the lower right corner of the inbox as a camera icon schlossbockelhdim will lead you directly to the camera view.

Taking a photo will show the following window as you can see in Figure Saved photos ih not appear in your devices gallery and are only stored internally in mRay on your device. Figure 10 Using the search field will return you a list right with all the patients who are matching the characters you typed so far.

This provides a quick finding of already existing patients. As you select one of these patients the other text fields will be automatically filled with the corresponding information. If you are not using the search bar you can also fill in the information manually. Tapping this button will change the patients gender. You can select 'male', 'female' and 'other'.

To discard the photo tap the "discard"-button. Saves the photo. By saving a photo it will be ed to the PACS. Also it will be availabla as a new study in your inbox. For adding more than one photo for a single patient you can use the buton 1 shown in the following figure to recall the information of the image. To add photos to an existing study just ensure the study description is the same as the study where the Sexy dark lesbian from bartow photo should be added.

Figure 11 Warning Although it is possible to use measurement tools on Secondary Capture photos, please notice that the values you'll get returned are probably wrong. Figure 12 The screen provides the following functions: Click to open the chats with a contact. Click to open the chat of the chat room for group Radiology Preview of the last messages in the chat. Chat Just as known from other messaging applications it is possible to send and recieve messages Figure Additionally it is possible to share series, key images and sending audio messages.

Figure 13 This screen provides China Blog adult dating following functions: Back to the overview. Chat course: Available series and key-images key icon above the preview image can be opened by clicking it. Please notice: If you have no access rights for an image a corresponding error message will be displayed.

Input field to type your text messages. By clicking the 'microphone' button you can stard recording your audio message and send it to the reciever see chapter 'audio messages'. Photo messages In addition to text, pictures can also be sent to contacts. This is possible by clicking on the photo camera icon, which is to the left of the text field see Figure Figure 14 Figure 15 The above figures illustrate the following functions: With this button, you will be taken to the photo capture preview, where you can take a photo and send it.

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You can open or download a photo by clicking on the message. Whether a photo has not yet been downloaded is indicated by a rough photo resolution and a centered chay symbol. As soon as a download is triggered, its progress is indicated by a green progress bar in the lower half of the photo. By pressing and holding the photo you can also share it with other contacts.

Goethe-Universität —

Therefore you need to click on the appearing share button see figure 5, item 2. Use this button to return to the chat history from the photo capture preview. This button triggers a capture and sends it to your selected contact. You'll be back inside the updated chat history.

Info In the case of photo messages, there is no access to the private photo memory or the gallery of the device. The photos are only managed and stored internally by and within mRay. Audio messages Additionally to text messages you can also send audio messages.

Simply click the microphone button, which is located at the opposide of the input field on the chat screen see Figure Figure 16 The upper figure visualizes the following functions: The flashing 'REC' symbol will show up when you are recording an audio message. The time readout shows how long 97459 granny sex record is until now. By clicking the close button you can cancel the message.

The oscilloscope shows the volume in discrete time steps while you record. You can take a break from recording by clicking the 'pause' button and continue to another time.

By clicking the 'pause' button the icon will change to a microphone, which you need to click if you want to continue. As soon as the recording is completed you can click the 'send' button to the reciever.

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Notifications mRay informs users about new datasets and messages. These notifications will appear in the center of the upper edge on the screen when the application is opened, or as chwt system notification just like recieving a SMS, see Figure 19 when Girls Regina xxx application is running in background Figure 18, Item 1. The of new arrived datasets and messages will be displayed as badges on the corresponding tab symbols of the inbox and the messenger see Figure You may change the types of notifications in the settings menu.

Figure 17 By clicking the notification svhlossbockelheim will open the application which will switch automatically to the relevant spot for example to the messages.

Figure 18 Figure 19 Info The notifications do not contain patient data or contents of schloossbockelheim to provide protection and privacy as good as possible. If you don't make any specification the field will be ignored at a query. The following functions are available on this screen: Insert the patient ID here. Insert the name or a part of the name here.

Data Protection | VTB Bank

Insert the birthday here. Note: the cursor will jump to the next field automatically as soon as there are two sings in the day field 'd' or in the month field 'm'. Select a period. Note: too large periods can cause your PACS to take a hugh amount of time to proceed and should be used with caution. Select Looking for free sec 55469 modality.

Delete all input fields. Note In certain circumstances there are some extra input fields visible. For more information please contact your administrator. Query view In the query view there will be all patients enumerated, which have a match with your query Figure You can also select several entries on one stage and deselect by clicking it again. Downlo the selected datasets.

Please note: you will be redirected to the inbox immediately. As soon as the data will be transfered by the PACS you will recieve a note in your inbox.