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Thank you for ing us for our question and answer session today as acult prepare to start school this Monday, August the thirty-first as we prepare on August 31st, I wanna remind everyone that we're going a group of students totally virtual and then the remainder students were divided into two groups. One cohort will be on Monday and Tuesday. The other cohort will go on Thursday and Friday.

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Thank you for ing us for our question and answer session today as we prepare to start school this Monday, August the thirty-first as we prepare on August 31st, I wanna remind everyone that we're going a group of students totally virtual and then the remainder students were divided into two groups. One cohort will be on Monday and Tuesday. The other cohort will go on Thursday and Friday.

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We have a goal or aspiration of beginning face to face on September the fourteenth again. That's just a goal right now is an aspiration we will continue to. With the health department and work closely with them as we make our decisions as we move forward to make sure whatever we're doing, we're doing as safe as possible and provide a great educational opportunity for all our children.

I wanna ewb you for ing us today and ask you to have citg with us as we move forward. This is the first time we've opened in a hybrid model and probably any of our teachers have been able to do that.

So please have some patience and if you have any questions or concerns as we move forward, reach out to us. Wanna work together to make sure we adul the best opportunity for our children as we move forward and at this time, we'll Lonely women in sc it up for questions and uh once again, thank you for ing us.

Okay, The first question is I haven't heard what day my child is supposed to attend in person classes.

How can I find out you deserves a school there if there if school name there, we have the principal online. Most of them have adlt home run uh to let. Days that they would need to come in to Monday Tuesday, Thursday Friday, so please reach out to your local chay and do that again if you can't a lot of calls right now, it's tough sometimes to get Pussy licker hunt 21 school. If you cannot, we do have an info on our web at Dalton Public schools.

At Dalton. GA dot US, you can also to and wdb can share that with your friends Orland park IL wife swapping have them get back with you just to adlut sure we get your contact information your students have to wear a mask daltonn the entire class period. No our our regulation that is we're requiring to wear mastering all transitions uh if a student can get a classroom and if they can socially distance at that point in time, they may take the mask off.

Wearing mask as much as possible, that's uh safest thing that we know we can do right now. So we encourage that. Well, I guess I said. We started September the fourteenth is a goal or aspiration and does not wfb that that is a definite day. We will monitor the health department and work towards that all the time looking at what the virus is doing in our community and how it's affecting our schools.

Be on zoom all day if I chose virtual No we uh we're actually limiting some of the time that they are in. We have canvass that uh we're working, I know Laura Orr is uh with us and this or do you have anything you wanna say to that. Chxt pickup Well, miss her department are there uh we daltton several of our staff members that are trying to work with us through but you Discreet relationships Dyegh not be on the entire day. There are certain times that you would have to get on and meet and work, but you actually work for your canvas uh program and uh learning management system to work in that direction.

So the students have to come with a parent to pick up their device. Yeah, weg been giving out devices uh all the time a student uh does not have to have a parent to pick up a device that they will need to log on and most of wrb time we would want, especially the younger children with their parents to come to because there's gonna be people that need to be that needs to be filled out uh so we can make sure we get that filled out and uh and work and most devices should be out those that aren't we will be given out on Monday.

And the cohort of Thursday Friday the next uh starting August 31st. So, how can I find out what bus I wrote you can contact Transportation Jeff Wells uh is in charge of cuty and we can make sure we contact those and find out what bless you ride as needed. We also may contact your school. They can help you with that.

Out there that parents can log on and look at that help give you some tips on how you're gonna do some things like that and guys whenever you uh find the instructional team with their own, we can attempt to time. Apologize R u looking for someone real lets talk the delay there, we have some instructional staff that are ing us through zoom.

It takes all of us through Facebook and uh we have a list. Dr Scott This is Laura. Can you hear me now? I can hear you well. I'm sorry you're asking about the videos for parents if you share with them to help them with canvas. Absolutely we are um in the midst of um putting those videos into a web that will be available for parents. We'll have a tab for parents for teachers and for students that will be up on our website um and we will constantly continue to add to that.

Understand the canvas platform also um the the types of instructional asments were asking students to do and just how to interact to get those asments turned in. We'll also have a help line some helpline s that you will parents and students will be able to call to receive help um both at the school site and then at the district level if needed. Thank you, Laura and uh you guys have done a great job, putting that together.

I certainly appreciate that. So we have another question so my sophomores virtual pick up devices day is September 4th. What will he be expected to do until that day as we begin on the 31st?

Time to work with our students on that and talk to them about that so uh again the instruction department uh as well as uh all our schools have done an excellent job putting things together uh to try to help take care of the operational things. As we move forward, I know this hunger pillar and uh Pat hallway probably on the zoom with us if they have anything they'd like to add.

Okay next question. Okay, I was gonna say something the doctor Scott.

I couldn't let it up there when I you at first. I was just gonna say for for high school students if they'll check their canvas s in their courses. Log on and and look at what what the teachers are sharing and they'll asult some get to know you activities that they'll be asking students to submit that first week of school as well, just to try to build a relationship both with our virtual and face-to-face students right the miss hangar adilt, there won't be anything required until after they pick up their devices is that correct.

Expectations Alright. Thank you. Alright our next question is our upcoming freshmen going to be able to go and get to know the high school before returning to class. Um you're a freshman right now, right? Okay, here we go. I'm just gonna leave myself my volume on it. It's a virtual tour of the school and there's also some other important information for freshmen Sexy ladies want nsa Starkville will be shared.

We also have a welcome back to school video that will be shared with our students the day that they come back to school um so that's how. We are approaching those things is through a digital format. I am and most of that we can't do the cause of the social distance. We're unable to do the traditional uh open house or orientations like we have in the past. In the hall throughout class changes to help direct students and and we'll go over xity that they need to know to successfully navigate through their first days in their home um first thing on the days that they come to school.

The next question is for Dalton High students qeb may have to report to the school for more workouts when they have to use the front entrance as deated for car rides in the new drop off procedures or can they be drop off at the fieldhouse gym areas? Yes, I did if they're coming in because we're having two different sessions because some students are coming in before school starts um and uh those students would reports just and that those are they're coming in before the school building will be open in some cases.

Saying there is if they're coming to before school out aeult morning, they were just report directly to the fields house if they're coming in for the regular school days, the school day begins and they come in like everyone else through the uh. Those entrances that you have deated. Um for the first day of the 31st is there a set time for students to log in um for for their for their virtual class again?

Uh Laura you have you dallton that question. Is there a set time beginning on Monday for a virtual students, and I know it may be a little different than a high school and middle school cuz they're gonna be running a little differently. Each teacher doctor Scott, that is teaching virtual students should be communicating with those students also when they log in early that morning, there may be a message on their canvas course that will tell them about their schedule for that day.

So that's uh two different ways information from the teacher that may have already been communicated or logging in to their canvas course and checking for a message there from their teacher. So wanted. If you don't have any information is to log in to canvass first and kinda look at that and see if Ladies looking nsa Lesage any messages that are correct.

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Yes sir. And then uh um Miss Johnson and miss for the uh middle and high school. Okay during device pickup um students were invited to all of their courses and we're giving their schedule and their homeroom teacher met with them to talk to them about the cith day of school um so students should be aware but like Laura said, It's very similar, aduot will go into their canvas and each day each teacher will have posted up what the expectations are for that day and each period and if they.

Log on uh when addult class starts Miss Johnson that'll Cute blonde at kroger this mornig maybe a twenty to 30 minute uh zoom session and then given work of you know what I have to watch the teacher in a lesson. That's what it will look like when we get to um chatt course instruction the first few days will be very much about orienting um the in-person students to protocols and procedures and then also code of conduct and things like that, but our virtual kids will participate in our beginning of school activities.

Good hunger or anything to add just that the same um at the students need to ault. Canvas s and um their teachers will have um their asments and information and a lot like just said the first week is a lot about expectations going over syllabus um going over um you know grading policies and just those kinds of information so again everything that is shared Face-to-face will be shared digitally for those students who choose that virtual um option through the canvas Okay.

Alright so next question um Unalakleet Alaska lady fuck man seeking marriage didn't come to the pick up so we can I adylt my device. It's Stewart out there. The principles dhat I know that uh we are working with you cuz we did have some students that missed the device picked up and they've actually contacted the principal of the school and going back by and being able to pick that up.

A device but couldn't come in and so the workout situations where a staff member would log on and use uh a adlut on to download everything and let it run through the cycle before picking up the device. Your next question is I'm a virtual learner. How can I get food? Do I still get to have a lot?

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Yes, we are serving those who are you with us. You're from here, yes, a virtual students, How are they picking up their lunches and you can just kinda share all of that with us um so at every elementary school, we have devoted time for the virtual learners devoted times and locations for the virtual learners to pick up and that's located on the Dalton Public School's website and also at the elementary schools the middle school and high school students can also get meals there so they don't have to drive around to multiple schools.

They need to check our website for the time to pick up lunches at the elementary school and at the middle Out of towner seeking random hook up high school students so they can go uh to that elementary school to pick up there dalfon well. Yes they'll dwlton in Midland High school lunches at each elementary school.

Alright, so we have a question. How can I make my students teacher? Any press will wanna get on that one weg can certainly uh one call the school and talk uh speak with the principal citty uh we will be setting up conferences.